Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Angry Air Mote Avatar

Angry Air Mote
To get this avatar, you need to buy any mote with a rarity of 70+ from the Brightvale Motery :)

Avatar Motes:

Robot, Ash, Lava, Snow

Air, Dust, Ice, Neopian

Plushie, Wood, Dirt, Hair

Non-Avatar Motes:

Salt, Frost, Smoke, Fire, Bubble, Electrical, Gold, Dung, Metallic, Water, Mud, Hail & Rock will not get you the avatar!!

Thanks to the folks at Avatarlog for the information :)


Candy said...

Note for you, I bought a ree mote and got the avie :)

Vic Norman :) said...

Oh fab - thank you for letting me know :D

Congrats on the avvie :)